I have been meaning to do this post for so long but never got round to it.
So for my 21st birthday which was a few weeks back now, my amazing mama got me the best present ever..
This Clic H Hermes Bracelet pictured above.

I know everyone talks about wanting that little aqua Tiffany's box but i have always dreamed of getting a little orange one.
Hermes for me is the epitome of elegance and timeless chic.
I have always been in love with their H bracelets, I always thought it was a really subtle way of wearing such a big well known designer.
I have never been one to want to wear Gucci (not that i could afford it anyway) embezzled across my chest or have myself be a walking advert for any designer.
Which is why i love that the Hermes branding is more discreet, in my opinion, compared to other similar brands.

Whilst I was talking (or moaning about  how much i wanted one probably!) about this bracelet a few years ago, my mama asked if i would like it for my 21st.
I was so surprised as it is (again in my opinion!) super expensive but as it was my 21st my mama wanted to get my something really special that i have always wanted and i of course took her up on her offer!

So i have had a few years in preparation to decide what one i wanted (yes, i am that indeceive i need years to decide things)
I am much more of a gold than silver person (see below post for discussion on said topic!) so i automatically wanted the gold set one. 
Choosing the colour was hard as there are so many beautiful options but i got it down to the two different versions of red as i decided i thought it was the most classic colour and very Hermes too!
When i went in to the store on my birthday to finally choose one, i saw this deep red one and knew straight away that it was The One!
Honestly it was the most exciting purchase i have ever made (or been bought rather!!!) like i said before, to me this is a major gift, i can't actually think of any other designer thing i own and for it to be something that i have wanted since i was a little girl made it even more special for my birthday!

Finally getting my little orange box (which sits pride of place on my dresser, I'm totally milking it!) and beautiful orange bag was such a lovely moment and really made my birthday amazing.
I felt really so lucky to get such an amazing present, I know a lot of people get things like this all the time, but that's just not me, and to be honest with you, I'm glad.  Because a part of me thinks if you are rich enough to constantly get things like this everyday then it must take a little bit of the excitement and thrill of it away which is something i never want to lose!

Do any of you guys have one of these, i know a lot of people collect them?

P.s Sorry some of these pictures are a little blurry, it was hard to take a picture of the bracelet as it was reflecting everything!


Simone said...

ah no way!! i literally just said on twitter i might buy one of these and then i see this post! its like fate! really tempted to buy the silver/khaki one! arghhhhh decisions.

its very beautiful :)

Raffles Bizarre said...

Ooh it's gorgeous :D

threesmallapples said...

OMG beautiful! Such an amazing present and something that you'll keep forever. Jeez.. I wish my mum was as clued up!! I'm going to have to start dropping bigger hints!


Fashion Celebration said...

I'm so jealous... this bracelet rocks!!!


daisychain said...

I have such major envy!

Chuck said...

Lucky you! What a perfect 21st. Would love one of these.

Katia said...

Ouhh lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

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