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I have always been a fan of Vanessa Hudgens style since she left the whole 'High School Musical' thing behind.
I love that she is basically a walking advert for Blue Planet as she wears so many of their clothes.  I adore that store but as it doesn't ship here/USA shipping too expensive then i can live vicariously through V-Hudgens style.

I think more so than any other 'Young Hollywood' starlet, you can see Vanessa's style transformation the most. 
I think early on it was clear to see that she was going to go down the whole boho 60's 70's vibe (my personal favourite) but i think its so refreshing to see that she has went from having sort of trying to do themed outfits to now having really grown into herself and her style and having a really natural style that doesn't look contrived anymore and seems like an extension of who she is, which for me is a sign of someone who has really came into their own, style wise and personality wise.
Maybe all she ever needed to do all along was ditch the Efron and go dancing bare foot at Coachella....Who knows?
Are you a fan of The Hudgens (Her new name on here I'm thinking?) 
I really really want a green cargo jacket like the one she is wearing above, so pretty!

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nikkimarian said...

A+ article.
And yes, Vanessa's outfits are almost flawfree. Glad she's single now :D

Jocelyn said...

Agreed. I love Vanessa. That whold HSM thing was a joke. It was filmed at my high school... believe me even though she is over it. The world isn't. Apparently people still have tours and take pictures in the lunch room... its pretty ridiculous.

great post!


Anonymous said...

she is cool. The airport outfit is lovely :)

fritha louise said...

Woah when did she cut her hair off? She has great style, which kind of annoys me as I think she's a bit of a naff actress really.