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I am back.....!
I'm semi-recovered from my Tonsillitis (swollen neck still intact!) but I couldn't wait to come and show you something sooo exciting!
For a little while now I have been working as an Assistant Editor on a new magazine called Teenbook.  And have been desperate to tell you all about it and now that it has officially launched today i can.

Here is the official word-
Teenbook Magazine is Focusing on fashion, music, art and culture, As sister magazine to the existing and successful ‘Sketchbook Magazine’, Teenbook provides a platform for the young creative mind to indulge. Identifying new youth attitudes and shaping the future, Teenbook is a new edge magazine. Available quarterly from May 2011, Teenbook Magazine will be the must read for teenagers aged 13-19 years.

So basically its a youth magazine but not as sugary sweet as the one's on the British market today, more Teenvogue and Nylon than Sugar (used to be) and bliss.

It has been such a great experience getting to work on a new magazine from the start and amazing to see it in all its glory today!

The editor Sara, has done such an amazing job putting it together and it has been so genuienly lovely getting to work with someone as passionate about putting out something new and refreshing for teenagers (and anyone who likes pretty magazines) as me, not to mention our shared love for american TV and anything Kardashian related!

So without further ado, here is issue one of Teenbook Magazine with the pretty damn awesome Emily Osment on the front....
I really hope you like it!
Let me know what you think?

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interesting idea!!