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So because of the whole Tonsillitis thing/Magazine work/Having no other free time! I haven't done any outfit posts for ages. 
So I thought it was about time i put something up.
I realised that i still haven't shown all my B'Day gifts yet (post coming soon) from a couple of weeks ago and as i looked though my B'day photos there were none where my actual full outfit was visible the only ones where of the neck up, so i thought why not do a make-up post instead!

Apologies for the ridic close ups of our faces!
Me and my sister got a bit bored waiting for everyone to arrive so we done the obligatory ' pull funny/stupid faces to the camera' and this was the outcome, We look like such posers, but we are really not,promise,HeHe!

For the first time ever i wore false lashes (well not technically as when i was like 4i used to wear one of my other sisters lashes when she was done with them, ya' know just to hang out with my Barbies and stuff, coz' that's just how i roll!Ha)

It was much harder than I thought to put them on but i know that it's just something to get used too.
I got these ones from boots, they are the Eylure girls aloud ones as I'd heard so much good stuff being said about them.
I naturally have kinda long full lashes so it really was just for fun that i tried them, but they stayed on all night and didn't even start coming off at the edges which i know they can do sometimes, I must admit by the end of the night i really got used to them and will definitely wear them again but they were super long so I would say they would only work for night!

I got my first ever Barry M lipstick too.
I have only ever bought MAC lipstick before and this was my first venture over to Barry M.
I had actually saw this colour mentioned on another blog and thought it looked beeeautiful!
It doesn't really show too well in these photos but its really coral/peachy its number 53.
I would say that this lipstick has no-where near the staying power as MAC's, i mean it might have something to do with the colour being light but i felt like it came off really quick.
Although to be honest i really don't mind as it was only about £5 or something so compared to what you pay at MAC it was a total bargain and it was really pretty and exactly what i was looking for!

Oh and i just had to include this last picture of the lantern getting lit (by my mama and other sister)
I got given loads and loads of them to set off on my birthday, everyone went outside to watch them be fly away and we had all wrote wishes on them too.
It was a really weird humid day, it was the end of all that lovely weather we had been having and because by this point it was late the air was really heavy and we couldn't get them lit.
So by the end we had nearly set the decking in my back garden on fire as the lantern slide across it rather than fl,y when it did eventually go it came back down in my neighbours tree and set it ablaze.
The whole group of us by this point had ran around my whole house following it shrieking 'its coming down, its coming down' goodness knows what passers by must have thought!
Undeterred, we tried again, the next one set my neighbours leg on fire (he was fine, he just danced about a bit and put it out , again cue everyone screaming!)
The next one then burst, and the last one went MIA after it came halfway down, all you could smell was burning so people went on search of it, finally the found it on fire at my neighbours fence( again it was ok, they managed to get it out)
It was crazy but so funny!
The moral of the story is, if you are going to light these things make sure you have a fire extinguisher,Ha!

(I am the one on the left with the greeny nail polish BTW!)


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you look stunning! I am so hopeless with false eyelashes!

Jocelyn said...

haha. Oh my goodness. I want to make those lanterns they are cool! But I hope that I don't start a fire, I am know for being a pyromaniac :p


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I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3