"I’m a outlaw, I’m the big boss, I’m a gangster,On the dancefloor"

Nothing I love more than hands over-flowing with rings and this summer everyone seems to have the same idea.
Hands looked so heavy and adorned with enamel at Coachella it's a wonder how people could even lift their hands up.
These are my favourite picks of rings I have seen.
I have always been a fan of aquamarine stone and jewellery , I went through a stage (before my current stage of so wrong its right, tacky fake gold jewels) where every piece of jewellery i owned was silver with an aqua stone, its just really timeless i think and perfect for summer time with tanned skin too.  And i think I'm slowly but surely reverting back to my old aqua stone love!

I want every ring here, they are so pretty! Esp the Gold Band Cage ring!
They are all from Love Hearts and Crosses.
An amazing store, check it out if you haven't before.
Here is the links to them (the gold band only has 1 left in stock, so go fast if you want it)

Ring 1.
Ring 2.
Ring 3.
Ring 4.
Ring 5.
Ring 6.

Will you be buying any?

P.s Oh and for all those style magazines/experts and the like who say you can't wear gold and silver rings together, I say wear what you like, I for one will be wearing every color and tone of silver and gold together this summer and i hope you will be joining me! Let's make up our own fashion rules!!!

P.P.S I can not get the song from the title out of my head! Ahh too infectious!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous rings! And I totally agree with mixing up gold & silver jewellery - I always wear silver & gold earrings! :D

oh and I'm not a fan of the new Saturdays song... blaah.


Raffles Bizarre said...

Yes, I'm another big fan of rings, I love to mix gold and silver too.
It's funny, because rings are the one thing I tend to buy and not wear of my own designs, whereas with any other jewellery I feel I HAVE to wear my own pieces.

daisychain said...

I am ring obsessed at the moment, so checking these out!