TraxNYC: The Hip Hop Jewelry Giant

Since its foundation in 2003, the TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry Empire has been going from strength to strength. Satisfying the demand for affordable, high quality diamond jewelry purchasable online, Trax filled a gap in the market that all diamond lovers were crying out for. Offering a viable alternative to high-priced, store-based diamond jewelry, you can find some of the finest ethically-sourced diamond specimens in the world at

Like all great brands, TraxNYC has it's specialty products. And, as hip hop music began to enjoy a period of rebirth at the turn of the millennium, Trax naturally became one of the number one hip hop jewelry vendors as that particular diamond jewelry trend began to sky-rocket in popularity. Now it is not just a Diamond Jewelry Empire, but the number one source for hip hop jewelry online too.

TraxNYC's selection of hip hop jewelry encompasses a whole array of diamond styles, including diamond watches, hip hop chains, bracelets, earrings and of course our iconic iced-out diamond crosses. With the perfect mix of high-end and affordable pieces, Trax has a hip hop jewelry collection that will amaze everyone that happens upon it.

If you want hip hop jewelry that is of the highest quality but won't break the bank, and if you want diamonds that you and yours will cherish forever, start browsing our massive collection today.

TraxNYC: Your home for Hip Hop Jewelry.
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Roshonda said...

This blog was very interesting i really agree that the hip hop jewelry thing is going and going fast.I need to visit TraxNYC to find me some Cheap Hip Hop Jewelry im so excited thank you for all your help.