I know the whole patterned nails thing has had a massive comeback lately with loads of bloggers/celebs
But to be honest with you I spent my whole high school life painting a different pattern on my nails every week near enough, and i got pretty bored of it, so for the past few years I have just kept my nails simple and pattern free.
Although lately I have been dipping my toe (fingernail?) into the nailart world again.
I got a little tub of gems recently and have been sticking them on  over my favourite nail colours.
Simple, quick but effective!

This is my favourite nail colour at the moment, it's actually even more blue-r in real life.
This is about the fourth day of this being on my nails, its holding up pretty well, all gems intact too!

Are you all still feeling the nailart trend or are you over it yet?

(oh and i know the last image is completely blurry, I just like it and thought it looked quite cool Ha!)


Anonymous said...

I'm so going to try nailart soon! But, I suck at painting my own nails... blah!

Bekka McAndrew said...

When ever i try doing something on my nails that isn't a plain colour, it ends up looking awful! If i could do it, i would do it all the time!:) xx

Lauren said...

So cute - I love fun nails!


Lorren said...

Well reem!! xxx

Kat said...

Ah pretty nails! My nails chip way too easily (job in retail does that) so I hardly ever paint my nails, but I do love all the nail art trends at the mo- will have to give it a go when I get some time off!