Pour myself a cup of ambition





Shirt- Dorothy Perkins, Jeans-ASOS, Shoes-ASOS, Earrings-Topshop

I love the colour of this blouse, such a nice shade of blue.  It's really loose and a lovely shape but it's hard to see that in these pictures it just kinda looks like it is hanging over my jeans, but it looks much better in real life!

These are the skinny jeans I bought from ASOS.
I always think it's tricky to order jeans online as the sizing with denim is so crazy.
But i got lucky with these, as they are a great fit, although I'm going to have to take a hem on the length as my legs are so short,HaHa!

My 21st Birthday is on May 4th so i have been trying to work out what to do for it, I'm going to try and stretch it out and try and have a birth-week rather than birth-day!

I don't want a party and want to do something that is a little bit different rather than the usual birthday things.
If you have any ideas I would love to know, as i really need to get planning!

Hope you have all had a great day so far.... American Idol tonight (we get it a day behind America) i LOVE that show i have watched every series and always thought it was much better than X Factor but this year is even better with the AMAZE JLO, seriously how fabulous is that women and my new style icon Steven Tyler, he is such a ledge.  who do you guys want to win?
I am more than a little bit in love with Paul MacDonald so i really want him to win and i think Lauren is great too!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hair and shirt!

And for my 21st I went to Dublin for the day. Oh and a few years' ago I did spread my birthday out over 4 days, haha!

Julia @ Retro Jules

Sara said...

Nice pics :)
I love your blog!

See you!

Lola said...

Lovely combo!

3ate4 said...

Love your hair here.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Your hair's like so awesome. x hivenn

Michelle said...

You look blimmin' beautiful honey! Definitely agree with you about the blouse, it's the perfect pale cornflower blue (: I totally think you should have a birthweek haha, perhaps you could spend the day in a new City or something? My little sister's birthday is also on the 4th. xx

fritha louise said...

Your hair always looks amazing. I'm so jealous! I love your earrings too.
I'm already planning my 21st celebrations and it's not my birthday until August!

Hanna said...

beautiful outfit and I really like your hair!

This is the last day you can enter my TheHoneyRoom give-away ;)

daisychain said...

I have major hair envy right now!

Darina said...

you hair is amazing...and beautiful colour!

A good, simple and chic look...

Greetings from germany,
xx D.


Jo said...

Your hair looks so pretty! And I love the blouse!


Saoirse said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Your blog is simple lovely!

Saoirse said...

*simply . . . oops hehe

ANN said...

Your hair is amazing, and I love your shirt!

Anula said...

You look lovely! Beautiful pictures! you have a beautiful smile!