Noah and Rachael

So a few of you may have remembered that last year I posted some beautiful photos from a website called StyleMePretty
It has some of the most perfect looking weddings i have ever seen and it's so sweet to read all the wedding story's and i assume it would be perfect inspiration if your planning your own wedding too!
But today via Una Bella Vita's blog (it's one of my favourites, you should really check it out) I think i have found my dream wedding. This is exactly how I want my wedding to look like! The couple look stunning. I have never seen a dress like hers in my life and its just beautiful and the groom and all his groom's men look like amazing characters from a 1950's movie, they all have such wonderful style.

I was going to post all the pictures from their wedding but once I saw this video I just knew i had to post it....seriously its so beautiful you may actually cry!

Oh and surely it should be mandatory that every groom and bride-to-be fist pump when they meet at the alter.  They are such cool dudes...!

Let me know what you think?

A word from the Bride-
"The day I got to marry Noah was everything I had hoped and more. It wasn’t just the beautiful setting or seeing everything come together exactly as I had pictured, it was the love and people that surrounded us that I will never forget. Our friends and family absolutely made our wedding everything that it turned out to be. On our wedding day and in the months following people mentioned to us all of the time how much they loved our wedding, how it was beautiful and “so us” and fun and so on, but the best thing that people told us and continue to tell us is that the love they could see between us and all of the people there was so extremely evident. That love, I feel, is what made our wedding day."
Check out her own blog here


Emily said...

SO LOVELY. Me and my boyf got engaged a few months ago and are thinking about wedding plans, I want that! xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the comment my lovely, I love your blog title.. This so sooo cute, I'm 15 but I've got my wedding planned haha xx

Jade said...

This is truly beautiful... I wish mine to be even half as lovely! x

Kat said...

I loooove this, such a beautiful wedding! Uhh I'm gonna have such high expectations for my own wedding whenever the time comes!


Locked on your pocket said...

Love your blog!

Got It From My Mama said...

Oh my I shed a tear watching this it was so lovely! Greast post