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Wearing ...Sweater-Hand Knitted by my mama, Jeans- ASOS, Necklace-Primark (years ago) Earrings-Topshop, Sunglasses-RayBans

How lovely is this weather we are getting just now? (i always feel like such a blogger when i start talking about the weather hehe!)

It was so hot here today and i went for the obvious choice of wearing black and navy!
I felt like i was some sort of conductor of heat i was so warm, it was unbelievable, i had to change into a loose dress when i came home to cool down!

Also you may notice there is no pictures of the shoes I'm wearing today as by this point i was barefoot....As well as learning dark colours aren't good to wear in the sun, I was also reminded its not the best idea to wear moccasins with no socks on.....I have the worst blisters, seriously they are so sore.  I don't even know why i wore them, you know when you second guess what your wearing, you know you should probably go with your instinct and change but oh no i just kept on wearing them,hehe!

I LOVE my new sweater.  I had been wanting an aran jumper for ages but I wasn't a fan of the fits/colours of the ones i had seen on the high street, so i asked my mama to knit me one!
Navy is actually one of my favourite colours so i decided to go for that and a loose/baggy fit, so it was kinda slouchy.  I am so happy with it! I can't wait to wear it over dresses on colder summer nights and with cute little shorts too.

Hope you all had a lovely day in the sunshine!


Katie Styles said...

that jumper is identical to a topshop one. you should get your mum to open up a shop! xxx

Michelle said...

Lovelove that jumper Emma! I wish my Mama still knitted my jumpers haha (: Oh I wore my plastic-y Primark loafers today and was unbelievably uncomfortable all day! xo

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

your jumper is AWESOME! <3

Emily said...

I keep begging my nan to knit me a jumper! It's lovely Emma :)


Mi Muffin said...

What a cute wooly jumper! You look so snuggly and warm. The colour is great too. Your nana is awesome! x

Anonymous said...

that jumper is so cute (I do miss my nana, though, she would of knitted me an irish-style one).

I hate getting blisters, too! I heard that it's going to get hotter by the end of the week, too!

Julia @ Retro Jules

Mia said...

Your Mama did a great job with the jumper, so cute! I put my poor feets through a similar experience with some loafers... not fun I feel your pain! x

il était une fois... said...

go mamma that looks so amaze!! <3


Katie said...

love the sweater and those earrings!

Hazel said...

HEllo, I've been a follower for a while and always enjoy your posts so I've tagged you with a Sunshine Award