Blue Crush

You know that MTV show 'MADE' that used to be on all the time a few years ago.
Well i used to always joke with my friends that if they made a British version i would go on it and ask to be Made into a surfer.
Unfortunately for me, I am really not a fan of the sea (something about all those little fish swimming between your toes gives me the creeps), don't have particularly good balance and am not in the slightest athletic. 
But i LOVE beachy hair, pretty bikinis, sunshine and most importantly surfer dudes, so i always felt i may have a secret surfer chick lurking in me somewhere.
Me and my friends even went through a phase when we were still at school and having these surfing pipe dreams of being a bit obsessed with the shop O'Neill, it sells mainly surfer/snowboarding type things and we thought that if we looked the part then we would obviously gain the much needed skills that we were lacking in the actual surfing department!

Unfortunately we didn't but I did end up finding out that O'Neill make some of the best Bikinis, they are really cute and cut well to fit your body and i don't know if they still do but they had this great option of mixing and matching the tops with different bottoms which always helps with weird bikini sizing!

So I thought some of you may have went through a similar 'I-Want-To-Be-A-Surfer-Gal' phase when you were younger so might be interested in this fab competition that O'Neill are currently running.

OʼNeill is on a search for a model to become an OʼNeill Girl and appear in the Spring Summer 2012 campaign.

Twelve finalists will be flown out to Ibiza in June to walk in front of a panel of judges which includes supermodel Elyse Taylor, professional OʼNeill surfer Raine Jackson and top fashion editors and stylists.

The winner will be flown out to a photo shoot on a secret beach location in September 2011 to star in the Spring Summer 2012 campaign.

The competition is to highlight the release of O'Neill's new bikini called  The Superkini which is the latest addition to the world of bikinis. A leading innovative new design in swimwear, it is made with a new material, so it sticks to your body when wet so that you can't have an embarrassing slip up on the beach!

The competition sounds fab right?
For any of you budding models out there or anyone just wanting to get whisked away to Ibiza for a summer Holiday enter the competition on O'Neill's Facebook page HERE

Let me know how you get on and if your entering!


Arianne said...

hi there! I have surfer-girl addiction myself when I was, I think 19 years old. I even downloaded Beach Boys' Surfer Girl song and listened to it forever! Good times.ü