Sunday Show and Tell






Ever since I was little I have always loved Tattoo's

I have always thought that (If done correctly, and aren't of Disney characters/boyband members faces/your bf/gf/ex bf/ex gf names) tattoos can be a beautiful art form
I love looking at people tattoos and finding out why those few words or that image meant so much to them that they got a ever existing reminder of it on their body forever.

I currently have no tattoos
I think that's mostly down to being squeamish, slightly petrified of unnecessary pain involving needles and above all my terrible indecisiveness to make a decision on what I want as a tattoo.

There is a plan though...
My mum's 60th birthday is later this year, she has always wanted a tattoo but never got one so we both decided to get one for her birthday as a way to celebrate it. So hopefully fingers crossed by then I won't have chickened out yet!

I think I would like something really small either along my foot or my wrist, kinda discreet but something that has a lot of meaning to me...

These are some images I have collected from lots of various Tumblrs and blogs of tattoos that I love (not necessarily on me but..) and thought you might find inspiring.

Please let me know if any of these are your images and I will credit them straight away!

Are you a fan of tattoos?
Have you got any, I would love to know what they are and the meanings behind them!

Enjoy! X

P.S a LOT of these are from an amazing site called Tattoologist, check it out!

P.P.S I gave the blog a teeny little makeover, New header, new font and Better Title size/style, Hope you like!


Rose said...

I REALLY WANT A TATTO :( I've seen all these images before and i also saved them on my computer hahaha. My mum said she would disown me if i ever got a tattoo though. I think small writing ones are the nicest or a tiny little one on wrist/ankle or neck! always look lovely xoxo

Michelle said...

I'm terrified of the idea of tattoos, but have been considering one for ages! I'd love a feather down my side, a Harry Potter Golden Snitch on my ankle, and a word in cursive on my wrist though (: Its not really something that Chinese people do though, so probs won't ever end up getting a tattoo! xx

daisychain said...

I currently have three tattoos with plans for two more,
they are only small though, and the new ones will be small...I'm all for discreet and personal.

Hazel said...

I recently discovered the same website and have a collection of images that have inspired me (a blog post awaits!)
I want a small tattoo on the inside of my ring finger and one on my foot and one on my wrist too...
each has a meaning but I'll keep tham tomyself for now, if thats ok...
I love the idea of having one with your Mum for her 60th, it'll be such a great memory.
Good luck - keep us posted x

Hannah said...

I agree that if a tattoo is done right and for the right reason it can look beautiful but I'm still too scared to get one myself. I love the one with the little birds on the wrist, it's really pretty

Bow Dream Nation xx

Kat said...

Ahhh I'm obsessed with tattoos :) currently have about 7 with plans for more (yeah I'm addicted) each one means something special to me and I think it is such a beautiful artform.

I started off with something small on my wrist- very pretty and discreet, now I have the whole inside of my arm inked! I would start with something small and meaningful :)

oh and the pain isnt that bad, it does hurt, but really isn't so bad- I'm a wuss when it comes to pain and I still keep going back for more!