Feathers In Your Hair

Ever since I was little I have loved nothing more than having little plaits, flowers, daisys and anything else i can find to weave them into my hair in the summer time
There is something that happens to me when the sun comes out,
Maybe its because we only get a few weeks of proper summer here if we're lucky
but whatever it is, it makes me go all hippy-like.
Bare feet, maxi dresses and skirts trailing the floor behind me is my ideal summer uniform
And this summer I have been obsessed with finding feathers for my hair
I first thought about making some...
Getting some leather, braiding it, adding beads and feathers
I might still do that but today I came accross something even better,
Seriously I actually gasped when i saw the website,
And when i showed it to my mama, she went...That is so you! Ha, I am so predictable!

Its called Fine Feather Heads
and it sells feather hair extensions
They are beautiful and look so simple to put them in your hair
They can last anywhere between 1 - 6 months too
I can offically say i am in love with them!!!
They are the cutest things and would be perfect for laid back summer hair and especially for festivals too!
Here is a sample of some of the colours you can get ....

And here is a video they put together to show you what they look like in real life...

And a video showing you how to put them in your hair....

What do you think
Are you a fan of these feathers?
I really really want to try them......
Here is the website to check them out for yourself


Simone said...

lol! i just posted about these too, and done my own DIY version :)

i love feathers!

Adele @ THOMASSENLAND said...

these look amazing.. i want!

JustLikeJasper♥ said...

They look great!
I like feathers.
Great blog

Alef Bet Jewelry said...

I love the images and now I am going to go out and buy some feathers!

Healthy Hair said...

I like feather extensions. They give a nice boho feel to a look.