Sunday Show and Tell ...

Today Show and Tell is a website I found this week and it's fair to say that I can not get enough of it, seriously It has made me laugh so much, Its my new favourite thing!
Its silly and random which is exactly my cup of tea!
And the name kind of sum's up the site.
You know when auto correct or any other spelling correction thing on your phone tries to guess what you meant to say and before you know it you've sent a message saying something really wrong and you race to send another message straight away to apologise, well this site is full of those messages that people have sent in...
Here are some of my favourites and please if you do one thing today then let it be looking at this site, seriously it will really make you smile!








Sassi said...

haha, this is so funny!

Rose said...

when i first found this website i laughed for about half an hour!! I LOVE IT TOO. so so funny x

Mia said...

Haha love the adopted one so funny, I have a feeling I'll be procrastinating on this website instead of doing my essay today x

We Are The Crowd said...

Oh my days! I was actually crying with laughter at the fourth one!! Great post <3

Love Ellen

Lorren said...

Haha actually crying with laughter!!

Lorren xx