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Jacket-TK MAXX, Tee- Zara, Shorts-Topshop, Scarf- Handknitted by my mama, Bag- ASOS

For some reason we got one day of Summer and sunshine today
So I took the opportunity to wear less than four layers
Which was quite a novelty

If you had read my posts a few down
You will have seen me mentioning TK MAXX
Its a shop i rarely enter because of the way its laid out, just rails and rails of clothes is something i don't enjoy raking through.
Although i am always really envious of the bargains people seem to get in it.
So a few weeks ago i ended up nipping in to have a browse and I am so glad i did
I got this coat for £5 down from £60 - I was so pleased with the bargain
I also got a hat for £1 down from £30, so crazy!

I loved that this coat was like so wrong it's right, I feel like its sort of like an old man coat.
sort of like one that men wear to the horse racing,Ha!
I really like it though and it's surprisingly warm
I wanted it to be really over sized so i got a much bigger size, which i think makes it look a bit slouchy-er which i really like!
So TK MAXX came up trumps with my coat and hat, I wouldn't say I'm a convert yet but i will definitely be checking it out more than i used too!

I had been wanting a scarf like this for ages and i had saw really pretty one's in Zara that i loved but they were about £25 or £30 which personally i find a bit crazy for a woolen scarf and also they didn't have the colour i wanted
So I asked my mama to knit me one instead which was so much better as i got to pick the style/length/colour etc. I am beyond happy with it and I've barely taken it off since,
ah the joys of having a mama with a knitting store!

Hope you all got a little bit of Summer where ever in the world you are today!


daisychain said...

I LOVE that scarf. SO AMAZING.

sian said...

aww i love your coat, i have one similar, and the colour of the scarf is great too!! xx

head over heels said...

there are so many elements i love about this outfit - coat, scarf, shorts, bag.... plus i'm insanely jealous that you found a gem like this for £5! x

Michaela said...

I love the colour of your scarf! I never go in TK Maxx either because of the mess, maybe I'll have to try it!

Style and coffee said...

lovely pictures, you have beeeeeeautiful eyes!

Caroline said...

Your coat is amazing, i really like it :D love the satchel too!
Every now and again TK Maxx can be brilliant ;)

Sherrie Cola said...

Love the big scarf, your tights and make up :)

Becca. said...

(just saying how much i loveeee that photo!)
and lovee your scarf! as if your mum knitted it!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

freesia said...

Agree that is such a fantastic scarf, and you look absolutely beautiful!!!!

Shilpi said...

Hello gorgeous green eyes! I am really loving your bag right now, I've been trying to look for one similar to that!



johanna said...

aww so cute, love your eyes

Hannah said...

Your scarf is amazing, so big and such a lush colour! Your Mum did well!!! Love the bag too =)


Lua said...

oh my god this is AMAZING! i love the coat and the scarf, lovely

Flossie, Monster Munch Blog said...

Love your blog! Your smile is so full of warmth and a new cheeriness! I love the scarf against your face it looks so nice!
Love the pictures and outfit, btw i think the picture of the shirt in the previous post, the model looks like michael jackson! anyway, am following!
check out my blog?
Flossie xx

lydia-lee said...

love the scarf SOOO much. ssuch a good colour!

great jacket too!

love your blog hon. we might have some in common,
a fashion blog by lydialee!

lydia-lee said...

love the scarf SOOO much. ssuch a good colour!

great jacket too!

love your blog hon. we might have some in common,
a fashion blog by lydialee!

Stefany said...

Amazing outfit, I love everything you're wearing :) xx

Valentina A. said...


check if you want:



Jessica said...

1. You're gorgeous!

2. That's such a beautiful bag. It looks like the type that'll just get better and better with age!

(If you're interested, I'm hosting a Shopbop giveaway!)

Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

that scarf OMG its amazing, i hope my mum can knit one similar :)
Scrapbook de la Emma

Make Do Style said...

Your mama is one brilliant knitter and it is such a gorgeous colour!! xx

Harriet said...

Wow, that is an amazing coat- what a bargain! I'm always a bit put off by tk maxx too, I know rummaging is the point but I prefer my shops properly laid out!

danniekate said...

you look so cute! it rained horribly in london on thursday :( xx

Juliet said...

Beautiful outfit!

Juliet xxx

Mia said...

Trips to places like TK MAXX really do pay off, but you have to be in the right mood for it. Love the coat, you look so cosy in it with your scarf too x

Princess and the pea x said...

Lovely post hun, you look stunning. Love that scarf the colour is gorge.


Karoline Kalvø said...

Gorgeous. Love your blog. Now following. Hope you'll follow me back.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
Karoline Kalvo