The Trials and Tribulations of the YSL Arty ring

What kind of shopper are you?

I have this theory that everyone is a certain type of shopper.
Let’s take me and my three sisters for example-

Sister one could spend and has spent over eight hours shopping and come home with one jumper. She LOVES to shop. And I don’t mean just the buying; she likes the art of shopping the looking through the windows going in and out and in and out of every shop on the street. And would be up for doing that every day of the week. She like to buy expensive things although she thinks them through first, she has no problem with always splurging.

Sister Two well she is an ‘impulse buyer’ personified. Going shopping with her takes about ten minutes no matter what she is buying, whether it is a tee or a new wardrobe full of clothes. She has a vague plan of what she wants (but can easily be derailed) and gets in and out of there fast. Although in contrast to sister one her buys are not splurges, just your normal everyday high street buys, she doesn’t like paying a ridiculous price for one thing when she can have ten things for the same price.

Sister Three is a tricky one as she isn’t a fan of long haul shopping but is a fan of a bargain. Which in itself is a bit of a contradictory sentence? So she will often be the first one up and out on Boxing Day to catch the sales but will also be the first home from the sales. Similar to Sister three in that she will be in and out and knows what she is looking for but without the impulsiveness. She is also a bit of a planner in the sense that if she wants something she would save for it rather than buy a cheaper version that just won’t cut it.

Then there is me. Well I like expensive things like sister one, but unlike sister one, I never buy them. I cannot under any circumstance ever be called and impulsive shopper like sister two and well I would say my shopping habits are pretty similar to sister three in the sense that I cannot deal with shopping for hours on end I like to know what I want and go buy it but although I love a bargain I rarely find them as I am so unwilling to rake. It’s like I can’t do it, when I walk into a shop and there is a sale on, it’s like the racks become invisible to me and I go straight for the normal priced clothing. Seriously I cannot go into TK Maxx without taking heart palpitations, why oh why is there so many clothes on the floor!!!

But above all I am a ‘thinking’ shopper. I keep any money aside that I have saved for shopping and I make sure that I have found exactly what I want before I buy it. There is nothing worse than that whole ‘grass-is-always-greener’ thing when you have spent all you money then you finally see that perfect dress and you just wish you has saw it first!

Also I am as high street as it comes, yes I LOVE designer clothes but unfortunately I do not have the bank balance to fund that sort or shopping. So when I decided to treat myself just before Christmas last year and buy the YSL Arty ring that I had been lusting over for months, weeks maybe even years. It was a big deal. My poor mama had to put up with endless nights of my oohing and ahhing over wither or not it was too much to spend on myself until finally she just shoved my hand over the BUY button on Net-A-Porter.

I had done it. Finally I bought a little piece of designer.

All the jewellery I have is so important to me and all has meaning for me, so I figured that this would too, and a treat you have worked hard for was ok sometimes!

You can imagine what I was like when the courier turned up a few days later with my parcel; the guy even commented that he thought I may have been the most excited person he has ever delivered too! (There may have been seal clapping and some squeals involved)

And then it happened...

I saw it. I was preparing myself for my heart to skip some beats in anticipation for the beauty it was about to see

And there it was the Pink ARTY RING that I had so long lusted over.

As I took it out my heart stayed steady and the beats never increased

Yep it was pretty, and the pink colour was lovely but it somehow wasn’t beautiful.

As I tried to ignore the fact that I didn’t immediately love it, I pushed it on my allocated finger, It wouldn’t go past my knuckle (and I had got the biggest size, seriously I didn’t even think my fingers were that big)

Undeterred I kept going until I found a finger it fitted. Finally securely on. I just starred at it.

The non-gold plating that i had convinced myself it was ok to pay £180 for really did look non- gold, in fact mines looked tarnished and not in a vintage way, on closer inspection the (also non-real) pink in the stone had weird lines and marks on it too. And it seemed to sit on my hand strangely.

The Arty dream had been shattered. (If it was a scene from a movie Coldplay or Snow Patrol would have been the soundtrack, seriously i was that upset!)

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have ‘that’ feeling. You know that one when you buy something and you just love it, like the last time I got it was with a coat I just bought, the coat was really cheap but it didn’t matter because when I wore it felt ‘right’ you know...

But the Arty ring didn’t

Although the Arty ended up not being for me, I still love seeing other people wearing it and do think it looks beautiful on them even though I still get a bit like ‘ah I want one’ I get that it didn’t suit me because there must something better just around the corner just waiting for me to treat myself to and splurge on it. Or that is what I am telling myself anyway,Ha!

Although as my mama sees it I was spared, this is the conversation that took place after I had sent it back.

‘£120 for that piece of tin, I thought you were off your head, I mean were they wearing ski masks when they sold it to you, because its daylight robbery’ Ha-ha!

Have you ever wanted something really badly and then when you got it, wasn’t as nice as you thought?

Let me know, I wanna hear your stories!


Mia said...

Loved reading this post, I agree with you I think people do fall into different categories of shopper. I'm kind of a mix of you and your sisters, I'm super fast at shopping but I have a plan and know what I want. I'm dissapointed about your experience with your arty ring. I'm really considering asking my boyfriend to buy me the black stone one for my birthday after searching high and low for a ring that will satisfy my Arty need (and failing!). Your Mam's comment is true though I thought it myself too haha x

Michelle said...

Ooh I loved reading this sweet! Such an interesting post! I'm quite similar to you: I enjoy window shopping, have a penchant for designer goods I can't afford, but enjoy an impulse buy and bargain once in a while (: I feel like I have my shopping technique down to a fine art now, my impulse shopping has been cut WAY down, and I 'know' if something will or won't work for me! xxx

noura. said...

it is a gorgeous ring though hahah

johanna said...

to die for