Show and Tell Sunday...

I have been watching some episodes of My So-Called Life this afternoon and it has just rejuvenated my love for the era that I was born in.

The clothes, the music and the sense of a new mysterious decade approaching everything seemed fresh.

I wonder if I am so found of everything 90’s because it was when I grew up or maybe it’s just because it’s in the past and rose-coloured spectacles make you think of things different of how the actually were.

Either way it was perfect in every way for me

I may not have been old enough to appreciate and expereince it all (I was only born in 1990) but I certainly remember the vibe and feeling of the time.

The 1990’s was a moment

And for me no other band sums up the generation more than Oasis. Think what you will about them now but there is no denying the impact they had. They shaped and styled (badly?) the decade and still when I hear any of their music it makes me think of being about 8 or 9 and playing outside with my friends in the summer, these songs played through bedroom windows, car’s with their top down cruising down the street and on Top of The Pops every week seeping into my subconscious and forming memories without me even realising, it was a soundtrack I never picked but one I unknowingly lived by and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Enjoy my favourites from the band

Let me know your memories from the 90’s


Princess and the pea x said...

Hi hun, thanks soooo much for your lovely comment on my blog. Fab post chick . I adore Oasis even now they did rock. They were my Husbands fav band too and we are 10years older than you Omg scary lol


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how music can just sink into your subconsciousness and become part of your life... I grew up listening to my parents' Beatles and Paul Simon albums, and they still bring back so many memories!

I really like these show & tell Sunday things btw! great idea :)