Reiss 1971.....










This is the 1971 lookbook from Reiss
Even though Reiss is considered a 'High Street Store' I think it's about as high end as the high street gets
Which means fabulous cuts and amazing fabrics
but sadly it also means much much higher prices too
Reiss is normally way out of my price range
But with their 1971, I find that now some of the pieces are actually really affordable and not even much more than Topshop on some pieces.
I just fell in love with these looks from the newest collection
I just see Serena Van Der Woodsen when i look at this
I think it manages to mix her Upper East Side chic-ness with her casual quirky-ness
I could imagine her rocking each look through out this whole season on Gossip Girl, no?

I always get really excited when i see a stores 'GIRL' cleary in their collections
Not to sound too fashion-y
but what i mean is I see the girl that would wear the first outfit being able to wear each look throughout the week, taking her from morning to night, from work to a bar right up to lazin' about on a Sunday afternoon
I think that a lot of High Street collections try to fit a bit of every trend into their collection
Which i totally get because if you think about the wide spectrum of women they are designing for-
Sometimes age ranges that span decades,
Then it makes sense why most of their collections don't have much of a common thread
Whereas it's nice to see Reiss abandon the latest style fads (apart from sequins, but seriously i think everyone could do with more sequins in there life, right?)
and opt for a more cohesive collection

What do you guys think?
Are you a fan of Reiss?
I think it's really important that i have look 6,7 and 8 in my wardrobe
My fall back outfit just now is my jeans/chinos and a sweatshirt which basically sums up these looks except with a Spring/Summer twist
So now i have to basically go save for a few years to be able to buy it all,Ha!......


Anonymous said...

Reiss is pretttty cool, and they keep getting better and better! Love that kinda level of shop as a compromise between high st and high end

oh and you are so right about the sequins ;)

Shilpi said...

omg I NEED those flares



Recklessly, Headlessly. said...

I am unequivocally in love with Reiss. I myself have quite a simplistic style, mirroring that of Reiss' 1971 collection; jeans, shirts & blazers. Your take on sequins is very true, our wardrobes can always do with a sequin top up. I have much adoration for Reiss as it is high street with out being high street in as much as it is investment pieces for those of use on smaller budgets to say Serena Van Der Woodsen, ( CANNOT WAIT for GG to start again!) Also, as avid admires of Reiss what did you think of it in 902010 this week? Live modelling is so the way to go, definitely gushing over Matt Lanter! x

P.S Beautiful blog.

3ate4 said...

Liking the grey top.

oomph. said...

never heard of them...but love the flares jeans, the floral top and jeans.

Dani said...

Ahh Serena was the first thing I thought too when I saw these, they're definitely things she'd wear and it helps that the model is very van-der-woodsen-esque! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :) xx