Sunday Show and Tell...

Another Blog recommendation for Sundays Show and Tell post

I came across this blog a little while ago and have been an avid fan ever since
Run by the whimsical Betsey who is a 21 year old Student from New Jersey
She posts the most dreamy and inspiring images along with some beautiful quotes
You will also find many a screencap from some of the most heartbreaking romantic films from years gone by until present day
Perfect for all you Jane Austen lovers out there

Her blog is like time has stopped somewhere between watching an old romantic black and white movie and taking a trip to Paris to sit outside a cafe and dreamily people watch.
All in all it's definitely worth a look
And there is no better day than a Sunday to lazily read back the blog posts of your newly discovered favourite blog


daisychain said...

what a beautiful blog, thanks for sharing! x

Anonymous said...

Already bookmarking it, looks wonderful to scroll through when I'm lacking in thought and inspiration. Another great sunday show and tell :) x

Anonymous said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing!
You might like as well, came across it a couple of days ago :)