Seriously, Sweaters are where it's at dude...





Sweaters of epic proportions being sold over at Urban Outfitters just now
I can not wait for it to get a little warmer so that I don't need to wear a coat outside anymore and I can wear a sweater with a big chunky woolen scarf instead.
These are my favourite one's from the site
Can't even explain how much I want the last one
But I think £48 may be a little steep for a jumper, right?

Let me know what you think?
Will you be jumping on the sweater train and getting yourself some for spring?


The Style Rawr said...

I have a huge thing for leo knitwear and £48 is worth every penny if you wear it and love it. Pounds per wear remember?! Even if you sit around in it watchign Glee, it all goes towards those all important pounds per wear!

J x

Raez said...

the leopard sweaters are my fave!

xx raez

bravegrrl said...

love them! i think you should get the leopard! great post!

Anonymous said...

love the wolf one, if only urban outfitters was a little less pricey!!

bloo. said...

i like it ;-))


Anonymous said...

LOVE giant sweaters so much! stole a giant grey cashmere one from my ex (had to give it back :( such a shame!)and just bought a gorgeous Fair Isle knit sweater. Great taste!

Love from Ireland :)