Tee-ASOS, Cardigan-Hand-knitted by my mama, Ring- LHC, Bracelet-Preshhus, Necklace-Talullah Tu

Wow, two outfit posts two days in a row, crazy! Ha!

So this is a more chilled look today.  It was my sisters birthday today so we hung out and had a little party  for her.

I got this necklace a few weeks ago from the website Talullah Tu.  I had my eye on it for ages and just decided to treat myself and get it.  It's such a glam/glitzy necklace that i just love pairing it with a casual tee for a contrast.  I had been wearing a couple of thin chains with it too, for a layered look.  Its on ribbon, so instead of having a clasp you can tie it tight or loose which i really like, as it gives you more options for wearing it.

I got my first issue of Teen Vogue from my subscription delivered today.  It was so exciting, seriously i feel like i normally have to hunt in every WH Smith in Scotland to find a copy, so getting it delivered was such a treat, ah i love magazine subscription's!

I can not stop listening to Rihanna's new(ish) album.  How sing-a-long are all the tracks, i love it!
Also B.o.B's album is just amazing it reminds me of like really back in the day hip hop, Magic is definitely my favourite song, its perfect.

Edit:  Just to let you know I started a Tumblr, for my writing, quotes and music, let me know what you think... Clear Of Mind To Dream 


We Are The Crowd said...

i loooove Rihanna's album! i am seriously lusting after that necklace and that top is just awesome :)

Mollie x

Giuli Kakoulli said...

Love your t-shirt especially with that necklace!!!

Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we could follow each other if you like?


daer0n said...

Super cute! Love your sweater and necklace :)

Raji said...

I love this outfit, that necklace is so gorgeous!
Rihanna is definitely my number one sing along artist at the moment, insanely catchy!

daisychain said...

you are so pretty! love this outfit x

Anonymous said...

Amazing necklace! Ive been looking for one just like it, Ill have to check out that website!

sian said...

loveee that tshirt, and your mums got some knitting skills making that cardi, the colour is so cool aswell! xx

Lauren said...

the necklace is my favourite! definitely going to check out the website! ♥

Anonymous said...

Love the tshirt, x

elena-anna said...

love your blog , it's really something. check mine and if you like it follow me and i will follow you

danniekate said...

you're so cute and fresh faced :) off to check out your tumblr...t

Shilpi said...

I LOVE that you paired that necklace with a casual tee. Great styling!

I really like your blog



K. said...

Love that necklace!