From Santa, With Love x

Just thought I would do the annual 'Here is what i got for Christmas' post.
I know most bloggers do this, but i really love having a peek at what everyone got and thought you all might like to do the same.
I just choose a selection of some things.....

1.  My books- I get so excited at Christmas when i get books as presents i write a really long list of every book i can think of that i want and i love seeing which one's people pick for me.  I have just finished reading Micheal McIntyre's biography, I really really enjoyed it.  I have been such a fan of his for years and i loved reading his story, it was funny but not trying to be if you know what i mean, i have read a few comedians autobiography's and some of them are just like reading their stand up shows rather than reading about them, that's why i enjoyed this one so much i think.

2+3.  An Awesome Book- I posted about this book and the story behind it not too long ago on this blog.  It is just really beautiful and it's lovely knowing that because i got one, someone else, somewhere in the world gets one for free.  Also my mum got it signed for me by the author- Beyond cute!

4+5.  Classy- I have wanted to read this book ever since it came out but never got round to getting a copy.  I Think it looks hilarious but also kinda insightful.  2011 is definitely the year of ladylike behaviour, what with the royal wedding in all, right? *sidenote* technically i am actually a Lady.  Yep, a few years ago my sister bought the title for my Christmas, I've always wanted to have a go at signing my name with Lady in front of it at the bank or something just to see their reaction,ha!

6.  Some more of my books- I love little random quirky books like this note one, which is so funny and the things overheard in NYC, which looks great too.  They are like coffee table books, one's you can pick up and open from any page.  Also a meditation book from my sister that i can't wait to read.  I meditate, so it's always lovely to be able to delve into it a little more through reading the abundance of books out there about the art of meditation.

7.  DVDs- Can not wait to finally see My so-called life, i have waited years to actually see an episode.  I have the feeling i will love it!

8+9- I have wanted a pair of new headphones for ages. All my apple one's broke.  I really wanted a pair like these in the picture but i didn't want one's that cost like £200 because after all they are only for listening to my ipod and being such a girl i didn't really care about the sound quality as much as i cared about them being pink!
But luckily for me i got both prettiness and quality.  I am more than a little in love with the colour its so beautiful and the difference for me going from those little apple ear bud ones to these noise defender style is just amazing.  I feel like the music sounds so different, better obviously but really different.  Like, i was listening to Katy Perry's album the other day and when a song got really loud and fast then i could literally feel the bass going through my chest.  It's funny because it reminded me of when i was younger and and would go see big popstars in massive concerts rather than little bands play somewhere random.  Because at all those concerts the minute you would enter the arena the music was always so loud that you could actually feel it go through your whole body.  When me and my sister went to see Britney Spears (she was Uh-Mazing) years ago we actually thought our chests were going to combust with the music as it was so loud, i always found it so random that they would have it that loud!
Anyway if you are like me and looking for a pair like this i would really recommend them and they are a really great price for what you get. You can find them here-Coloud

10.  An E (my Initial- Emma) for my new room that i am decorating! I love the kinda tie-dye effect.

11.  My Mama (Santa!) got me a subscription to Teen Vogue magazine.  I was beyond happy to get this.  Teen Vogue is my favourite fashion magazine.  I have always loved it and find it the most inspiring clothes wise.  I really don't know why they call it 'Teen' vogue i have always thought 'Young' Vogue would have suited it better or something.  Can't wait to get my first copy through the post!

12.  My Mascara and Highlighter.  I also got the Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel in Black. Those three products alone are my make-up essentials.  I couldn't do my make up without them.

13+14+15- I have hearted this ring for ages.  I love the words on it and the way that the three rings are inter-locking.  Disney Couture sells the sweetest jewellery, even if your not a Disney fan i still think you can appreciate the prettiness

16.  Double-fingered ring with a lightening bolt that i have had my eye on for a while.  It looks kinda epic on, love it! From Love hearts and Crosses

17.  Some coloured pearl bangles!

So, that sort of turned into a really long post, but hope you enjoy it anyway....
What lovely-ness did you all get for Christmas?


Phoebe said...

I really want to read Michael McIntyre's book, got both his stand up DVDs for Christmas and have become an ultimate fan.

daisychain said...

Wow, what fabulous gifts!

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Love these pics, fab pressies! The ring is my fave.

The Style Rawr said...

OMGosh, awesome haul! Yum!

P.S. We awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award :)


floral skirts and teaparties said...

Wow, this looks like a great lot of pressies, especially jealous of the makeup! xx

danniekate said...

woah what a haul! i love benefit makeup, high beam is fantastic. oh and the disney jewellery is so cute! x

Rachael said...

Oooh, love the lightning ring..and the name of your blog is awesome too! x

Zsara said...

omgosh I love that disney couture ring! you're right - regardless of being a disney fan its such a lovely ring!

Also - jealous of the teen vogue subscription (and pretty much everything on here haha)


Claire said...

Lovely presents!
Love that Disney C ring!

Folhetim Cultural said...

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