Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend...

Wearing-Tee-Gap, Dress-A/Wear, Earrings- Topshop, Ring-Rock 'n' Rose

The whole Black Swan (not that I've seen it, i think it looks quite terrifying!) ballerina craze has obviously affected me without my realising and influenced this outfit a little.
I used to do ballet classes for a bit when i was really young and the thing i loved most about it were the clothes, the pink leotard with the satin ballet slippers and i used to have these cute little sweaters that i used to throw on after class had finished, which i was inspired by to put this loose stripy tee over my dress. 

This is a sort of slouchy laid back version of that ballet look.
I wanted to have really strong make-up to contrast the soft skirt and tee.
So i used a really dark kinda purple lipstick, and made my brows really dark and strong looking.
It's weird as I'm so not used to seeing myself with stronger lips/brows as i like to always keep my make-up soft and pastel coloured but its nice sometimes to change it up!

I put my hair in a super high ponytail and added the 'right side of trashy' gold hoops to put my own little twist on the usual ballet look!

Oh and excuse the pictures of me laughing (and i am not punching myself in the second last one even though that's what it looks like,Ha) I just got the giggles a little whilst getting these pictures taken and i just couldn't stop laughing!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday



We Are The Crowd said...

love the ballerina-esque dress! i also love the title song aswell, a little obssessed with Rihanna at the mo :)

Mollie from

Kat said...

Ahh I saw Black Swan today- it was brilliant and the clothes were stunning :) Has made me want to try out the ballerina look- love the way you've made it laid back too!


daisychain said...

What a lovely outfit! xx

Katie Styles said...

you look AMAZING! absolutely love everything about this outfit/hair/make up - the whole look! xxx

Adele @ THOMASSENLAND said...

i have to say you look fucking BOSS! loving everything but ESPECIALLY the hair and makeup! xo

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Cute outfit :).

Sadie x

head over heels said...

love the skirt - you should definitely go and see black swan! x

Vicki said...

i saw black swan and it was quite scray but def worth seeing :) love the hair up and the earrings!! fabulous :) xo


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