Blonde VS Brunette





Yesterday I saw a picture of Lauren Conrad debuting her new darker hair at an event
I thought the colour really suited her but did make her look a little older (in a good way though!)

It got me thinking about how much our hair colour affects the way we look and feel
Everyone knows the old saying 'Blondes have more fun'
But is that ever really true or just a myth
And does hair colour really affect the way we feel about ourselves?

As a natural brunette i took the long and painstaking process to become a blond when i was about 15
It took a while to get there but when i did
It was perfect
I loved my hair blonde and i actually felt like it flattered my skin tone much more than my own natural colour
I felt it suited my personality and thankfully i never came up to many 'Dumb Blond jokes'
But after years of being a blonde and the constant up keep and never ending quest to find my perfect shade (FYI it was Ashley's in the above picture, i never quite got there) I decided to take the plunge and go back to my roots.  Literally
I was up for a change, i was leaving school and wanted to go all American teen drama and symbolise my new beginning with a new hair colour
and decided for full on dramatic effect i would go back to brown

To be honest with you i really never expected it to be such a big change 
I mean, i thought how much can it really even effect me
I thought after a few days i would get used to it and not even notice a difference.
Well it kinda never worked out like that.

Sitting in the hair dressers chair with four hair colourists around me (They all wanted to see what it looked like, i had drawn a crowd. I should have seen this as red flag number one)
I genuinely gasped when she pulled the towel off of my hair
I wasn't that i didn't like it, if anything i thought it made my eyes look bluer and my skin warmer
But it just didn't feel very 'me'

(Also to note my feelings weren't helped by one colourist immediately proclaiming to me and the crowded room,' i really don't think you should have done this' I'm still quite proud of myself for not crying at this point,Ha!)

Over the next few days and weeks i did start to get more used to it but i really felt like i needed a new dramatically different personality to go with it.  I couldn't twirl my blond curls anymore and smile
I now had serious grown up looking brown curls that didn't even swish
( maybe i am being a little dramatic I'm sure they did swish, its maybe because i didn't feel as 'swishy' anymore with my new hair)

As i sit here writing this with my still brunette hair
I can truthfully say that i still don't feel like i have settled back into being a brunette 100% even now
Which is why i am on my way (via some terrible hair dramas, accidental pink hair, brassy orange tints)
to becoming a blonde (or very very light brunette, still undecided) again
I am excited to experience blonde hair again and see if i notice a difference this time round
I know that it will take me a while to get there but hopefully it well be well worth the wait

So does hair colour change the way you feel about yourself?
Yep, i can honestly say i think it does
But that's not to say that its always in a negative way
I mean, yeah so being a brunette may not be my thing
But you know what it has been exciting trying
And do 'Blondes have more fun'
 Personally I think this is a myth, i know my fair share of boring blonde's (and  brunettes, red heads...etc)
but i do think that being a blonde changes the way that a lot of people see you
Which in my experience has always been technically.....In some aspects they may be allowed to get a way with having more fun?

As i continue my slow quest to be Barbie like blonde again
I thought i would share some images of our lucky celeb friends who are able to change their hair colour as quick as the seasons change
I love looking at blonde VS brunette pieces so i thought i would compile one if my own
So, have your say who looks better with which colour of hair
I would love to know what you think
And please do share you stories of your experiences or opinions on the whole 'Blonde VS Brunette' debate too!

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..R May A.. said...

I think hair colour can really change how you feel about yourself, certain shades just suit people better wether it's their natural colour or not. :)
I don't suit being a blonde but I'm constantly trying different shades to figure out what's right for me :)

WeAreTheCrowd said...

Wow being a brunette makes such a difference to Hillary Duff - she looks stunning! :) I'm a natural blonde and love my hair colour, I'm also way too much of a wous to dye it! lol Wish I had the courage to tho...

Love Ellen

Lindsay Cowie said...

I've been going through the same thing! I have always been blonde but when I was 16 I started highlighting it to keep it that way, but for the past year I have been thinking about trying brunette, because like you said, it can make you look older - I definitely don't look 21 but I am!
So just before Christmas I found the courage to do it and booked it in with my hairdresser, but then I changed my mind again because I was worried about not feeling like myself. I have loved being blonde all these years but I am very curious. So for now I am staying blonde, but after seeing Lauren Conrad's new style (love it!) I am reconsidering - again! Why is it such a hard choice?!

Great blog post! x

GEMBEAR said...

i think lauren conrad would look good with a shaved head - damn her! <3

different hair really does change the way you feel! but it is all just a state of mind. if we do something new to ourselves, we feel like a completely different person despite still being the same! hah. but it's all good. i've done it myself - blonde to red to dark brown to dark blonde.

Thekla said...

love both colors :) can't choose between them:)xx stop by sometime:) hope you like my blog xx

Anonymous said...

Hair colour does make such a differenceto overall appearance! I'm not actually brunette OR blonde- for the last year and a bit, I've dyed my hair various shades of red and auburn, and it's amazing how a standout hair colour makes clothes and makeup look more interesting. Plus, people always assume it's my natural colour!