I have been on an epic search for a hat
My perfect one has so far eluded me
I am currently awaiting to send back a bowler style to ASOS (TOOBIG)
and have previously bought then taken back a 70's style floppy hat (TOOSMALL)
Willa's hat is exactly what i have been searching for
worn in and beat up is what a hat should look like in my books
and this is it.
I love these images they make me feel excited for summer.....
.....and miss the OC


Sofi Stellar said...

Really nice blog. I love the hat...I kind of want one, now, too..hehe. worn in and beat up anything is the best!

Sofi Stellar said...

Also, I was just looking around on your blog. It's cool that you're a writer-I'm an aspiring writer, too!

Anonymous said...

i miss the oc too, decided to watch them all back recently now i'm onto season 4 i love her

Amanda said...

Oh Willa... I remember when she first came on the OC was when my male friends all started obsessing over it, haha!
I hope you find the hat you're after though - I recently, fiiinally found the one I was after.

Fran said...

Ahh Willa. Although she comes across as a slight poser, I can't deny that she has incredible style.
Hope one day you bizarrely bump into her and can steal her hat!