Next's 12 Days to Christmas Challenge.....

So some exciting news to share with you all.  The high street clothing store Next have asked me as well as around 100 other bloggers to be part of their 12 days of Christmas challenge.  And to celebrate that fact they have made these cute little Christmas countdown pictures which are below. 
Basically the more of you that click the link to Next's website to check out their lovely products then the bigger chance there is of me winning some prizes, which in return means that you lovely readers will win some lovely prizes too as my plan is to thank you all for your help in this challenge by doing a big giveaway with some goodie bags with a few bits and bobs at the beginning of the new year. 
So all you have to do is click the link to Next website every time you see it on my blog up until Christmas day.  And if you don't want to then please feel free to just skip this post and go onto the next...pinky promise i won't hold it against you! ha!

Also it's really handy to have these pictures as now i can have a proper Count down to Christmas day on my blog i will put the matching icon to the day it is in the sidebar.

So mission one my dear readers is to get clicking this link here- Next
Oh and have a look here while you are on their site.  Some super pretty pieces.  If you haven't been into next for a while i would urge you to have a look i think you will be surprised. I am really impressed by their knitwear/sweaters and outerwear especially!