Music Tuesday....

Found this beautiful song via this blog- (on a side note, the blog is pretty amazing itself, She has got such great style)

I vaguely remember seeing Burberry doing these little videos but i didn't really give them too much thought.
Which turns out to have been a mistake
If you like nothing better than some good old folksy acoustic music and come on we all know everyone likes a bit of that from time to time....right?
Then you should check out the other videos here.

Misty Miller has such a beautiful voice 
And isn't this just the sweetest song
Kinda wish i had found it in Summer though as nothing would sound better than this on a balmy summer evening.
Let me know what you think?  

*On another very irrelevant side note she name checks my heights in this song which i enjoyed.  I say heights as i know i am either 5'3 or 5'4 but can't remember which one, i know the logical thing to do would be to simply measure myself again but it somehow is more fun this way....Keeping the mystery alive, you know,ha!


Maryjane said...

Sweet. :-)

Maryjane xoxo

Alma said...

Wow!! This is a lot of snow!! WOW!! We are still lucky in not having snow in here yet.:P I can wear high heels!