Cardigan- Yayer, Dress- Pearle Lowe for peacocks, Shoes-Peacocks, Socks-Topshop, Bangles-Preshhus

I feel like i haven't done an outfit post for ages.  Sorry about these pictures they aren't very clear and the colours are a bit funny in them.  It's because it was getting dark when i started to take them.  But i will get some good one's up soon!
It is sooooo cold here and it has snowed every single day without stopping since like Monday.  I have never seen snow like it in real life, honestly it is up to my knees when i go out.  It is so beautiful looking but it is starting to get to the point where no one can really do anything as they can't walk or drive anywhere which is kinda annoying but apart from that it is really lovely and Christmasy-(is that a word?)
I will try and take some pictures of the snow to put up on the blog tomorrow because it does look amazing!

I really didn't think i would like Pearle Lowe's collection of dresses for Peacocks.  For anyone not UK based, Peacocks is a lower priced high street store.  But i have been really surprised by her pieces some are really really stunning and the fabrics are much better quality than i thought they would be. 
When i went searching for the dresses, My local Peacocks said they didn't stock it but my mama managed to have another look and found this little beauty for me. It was the biggest bargain it was originally about £35 but i got it for £7 which i just couldn't say no to even though it doesn't really fit,hehe! It is about two sizes two big which does make it look a bit baggier round my hips and chest but i just loved the style so much and thought that i got away with it as it just looks like it's meant to be a looser style. 
The pictures don't really do it justice but it is a beautiful 1950's style silhouette which is the shape i love wearing most as i feel it's the most flattering on me.

If you haven't heard of the online store Yayer then you have to get clicking this link.  It is filled to the brim with THE prettiest clothes ever.
Seriously i fell in love with it the first time i checked it out.  It stocks both new and vintage clothes so there is so much for you to choose from.  I was lucky enough to be sent this cardigan from the loveliest people over at yayer.  It is beyond cozy and is the perfect mix of being loose but still gives you a nice shape. it is so perfect for this time of year and it is great for me wearing under my coat in this freezing cold weather, I've never had mine off!
I will be doing a big post on Yayer in the next week with my favourite pieces from the store and a little bit more info about it.  But until then check them out here. I feel like i have written a bit of an essay here,hehe! I just wanted to update you all a little as i have been a bit MIA from the blog the past week but posting will be back to normal now and i will be able to comment back to you all soon too!


Lulu said...

aw that cardy looks so cosy! i'm currently having to resort to wrapping myself in my duvet! so jealous of your's not exsistant in southampton, possibly the only place in england not to have any snow! xxx

daer0n said...

You look great, I love love your dress, and you look so pretty :)

It has snowed so much over here too (Canada) but it is now getting nicer, I hope it stays that way, the temperatures were ranging from -20° to -30° and the weather was just so miserable! I can finally see some sun coming out today and that makes me happy! I hope you guys get better weather soon over there ☺

jada and jon said...

so cute!

if you like vintage clothing please come and check us out! we ship internatinal and it's cheap!

xx oh and if you follow we give 20% off anything on the site!

daisychain said...

Oh that cardi looks like snuggly heaven.

head over heels said...

love this outfit, knitted cardies and floral dresses are always a winning combo for me!
i love yayer, just did a post on it too actually :) x

chloe said...

such a cute dress! and i love the socks & tights :) x

WeShop said...

Hi from a fellow Glasgow blogger! Love that cardi - looks cosy too. xx