Blue like the sky




Sorry that their isn't many photos of this outfit, the lighting was a little funny in most of them.
Oh and the third one down was just me kidding around/posing but it turned out to be the only one that you could see my make up clearly in it so it was the only one i could use!

This is the blue dress that I ordered a couple of weeks ago from ASOS. 
I really love it, it's kind of jersey material so it hangs really nice and the skirt part of it is wonderful for twirling around in.....not that i do that or anything....ahem!

P.s Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! x

Dress-ASOS, Tight-ASOS, Shoes-Peacocks, Ring-Italian Market


Michelle said...

Aren't you a gorgeous little thing?! I love your dress, full-skirted pieces are really appealing to me at the moment (: Oh I enjoy a good twirl around in the right dress as well sweet, don't you worry! Hope you have a great Christmas! xx

nicole ...given said...

1. i love your pictures
2. i love love your make up
3. i love love love your blog

Phoebe said...

Love the colours together.. I'd twirl too!

Gina Marie Vintage said...

cool ring!

Gina Marie Vintage

Kasey said...

this dress is a great cut and color!!
love ring and eyeliner!


daisychain said...

What a gorgeous dress! Have a wonderful Christmas x

heart charlie said...

Love your color choices, and that ring is gorgeous ;) happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

ya its real life

Francesca said...

thank you for your comment. i hope you had a great xmas :)

F. ( x

Milly. said...

This is SO Christmassy. Absolutely love it! Hope you're having a good holiday season lovely xxx

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Lovely. Happy belated Christmas! x hivennn.

daisychainsNkisses said...

i love all the colours, you look gorgeous.
+ i love your hair. :)

the secret of fashion said...

nice ring! xx