"We are all ordinary people. But even an ordinary secretary, or a housewife, or a teenager can within their own small ways turn on a small light in a dark room."

Zippora Seven

Photographer- Eric Guillemain

*Title quote from the amazing movie Freedom Writers


daisychain said...

utterly beautiful

Whora said...

Beautiful girl.

Sophie said...

Love these photos! Sorry it has been so long since I stopped by your lovely blog :( xo


elizabethandcatherine said...

I love everything about this editorial! Beautiful. Simple.
Oh and same for the above comment, I have been off the blogging radar for sometime, been a bit slack with my blogging and checking up on my favourite blogs (i.e YOURS!).
I'm hopping back on the blogging horse! hehe. Wonderful posts as always, Liz xxxx