This is just ......ah so perfect
One of the most beautiful things my ears have heard in a while
I now officially want to marry the guy in this video
Is that too strong a reaction to have just because you like someones voice?
You know the way you used to get when you were little and a new boyband came out and you loved them and their songs so much that you couldn't just buy their album
Oh no, it was like you had to pick out your favourite member(and you had to do it fast or one of your friends might pick the one that you like, and we all know that two people can't get imaginary married to the same person, right?) and declare that you WOULD marry him, against all odds the 20+ years age gap and the fact that well, they were in a world famous boyband and you were still in primary school
Well i kinda just felt that same urge to declare my love after hearing this
So.... i think it means i like this alot!
Have a listen and let me know what you think?
Are you also ready to declare your love for this man's voice,hehe!

Song Atlantic City originally by Bruce Springsteen
Performed in this video by Kyle and Danielle
Kyle is from the band Typhoon and Danielle is from Congratulations (once Eskimo and Sons)
Produced/Directed by Matthew Thomas Ross of Neighborhood Films.


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Such a gorgeous song!

VanilahFashion said...

Absolutely amazing
I'm in love

Vanilah xx

kirstyb said...

brilliant xxx

Front Row Mode said...

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Hipster Bitch said...

Nice spot ITRL. I'm just annoyed I didn't get there first.

Stay cool,

Hipster Bitch

Kat said...

In love with this, and also quite in love with Mr.Kyle there! And would actually quite like to marry him too!

Am spotify-ing Typhoon as we speak....good find :)

Kat xx

Maria said...

great performance! x

Maria, from Charmed She's Sure*

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