The Princess....

Venus Zine's Fall 2010 cover shoot with Zoe Kravitz
By Ramona Rosales

She has got such amazing natural style
I love that the clothes she wears always look like she has worn them hundreds of times before
although they have probably just been unwrapped from the store 5 mins before she put them on....
But i think that's what having style is, right?
It's about being able to make looking good really easy
to kind of have an air of nonchalance about the way you dress
(irrespective of how long you have actually taken to get ready)
To me that is what real style is!

So take a watch/listen to this video
It is so pretty and i LOVE this song
It's by Zoe's band Elevator Fight and It's called Little Ghost

Oh and I have finally joined Spotify
So if you have any playlists you would like to send me then i would love to have a listen, i always love hearing new music
So if I'm right in thinking (I'm new with it, bear with me)
all you have to know is my Spotify name thing-y
which is - isthisreallife


Puck Litaay said...

Cool vid (;


CC said...

She is so adorable! Fab video. :)

Kat said...

Love this song! Zoe Kravitz is an absolute beauty isn't she? Love her style.