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So a lot of you have commented on the cardigan that i have worn on my blog before that is similar to this one

Well I am happy to announce the first
Is This Real Life? collaboration with my mama's knitting shop
Got It From My Mama!

The above Cardigan is for sale
I helped design the style and my mama knitted it
So we are rocking it old school!

This can be worn in so many different ways and is a boyfriend-style fit
I would say the size is a large
But that you can be much smaller than that and wear it, it will just be baggier on you
I am a medium and i would wear this size too

It is brand-new never been worn handknitted with Aran wool
and wooden Italian buttons

The price is £50
The shipping will be decided when you have bought it (then i will know what country i am shipping it to) as it is quite heavy
For example if it was getting shipped to America the shipping would be around about £10

I only accept paypal

To order this cardigan please either leave a comment saying you wnat to purchase it or send me and email here-

If it has already been sold and you would like to order another one
Please leave your name and your email address in the comments below and i will get back to you with details
of when yours will be ready

I really hope you like the cardigan and that you love wearing this one as much as i love wearing mine!


SOFIA said...

вы интересно пишете!

Annushka said...
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Annushka said...

I love plaits, it is fine!!!)))

Sophie said...

That is such a cute cardigan and I love that your mum has knitted it (so cute) I'm sure you will have no problem finding a buyer for it.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. xo

jessie said...

This is wonderful.
My grandmother gave me something similar from her closet. Once it gets cold enough, it is coming back out to play.

Anna G said...

I really love the fact those are hand knot. It's quite nice for the chilly nights and days.

iamronel said...

awesome pieces you have here i liked it much..^_^ said...

such classy sweater i do like it..:)

Gorgeous Clara said...

it´s beautiful!