The LOOK show...

The High Street are Bringing it!
This is the show i have been inspired by the most so far at London Fashion Week
Maybe it's because realistically it is the only clothes i would be able to afford
Or is it maybe just because the high street have started to break out from copying designers and they are actually starting their own trends and being innovative with their own ideas
Who knows?
Either way LOOK magazine
The best weekly fashion magazine in my opinion has put together for the second year running
a 'high street catwalk' filled with all our favourite stores new collections!
French connection were my stand out
But randomly so was Next's who would have thought it,huh?
Take a look at this video and see what you think
High street VS High Fashion
In the words of Big Brother (TV SHOW)
Who wins you decide?


Lou said...

I didn't expect Next either! Fab day, but I was in the worst seat for taking photos! x