Links of London


These are the friendship bracelets from Links Of London
I first saw them on Cat Deeley a while ago and then got remembered about them again when Cat wore a stack of them to the Teen Choice Awards (pictures above)
I thought they looked fab
She has actually designed a couple of these herself
I think Cat has really really fantastic natural style and the way i have saw her wear these bracelets have made me want them even more!
I can't decide which colours i like better though
I think i would just like one of each
But at £125 individually i don't think that will be happening for me!
It does make me laugh that they are called friendship bracelets though because i don't know about you but when i was little and at primary school when me and my friends used to swap friendship bracelets we used to make them ourselves out of wool or thread and they genuinely cost like a £1 to make
So quite a contrast!
But i would really really love one of these I think they will definitely be going on my Christmas list!
Have any of you got a rich friend that has already bought you one of these friendship bracelets?
Oh and you can also check out the Links of London blog here too

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Sassi said...

wow, they are great. reminds me of my childhood!

rebecca said...

i'd love to have one! i was going to buy them for a couple of friends at christmas, but i lacked the funds :(

Nav said...

saw these a while ago, really cool but a bit pricey when, like you said, at school you'd make 'em on the cheap and give them out to all your best mates!


Anonymous said...

these are so fun they remind me of the lanuards I used to make when I was little!

annierama said...

really amazing ones! Adorable blog!
check out mine!

A. said...

cool bracelets!

phil230 said...

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