Hey Soul Sister


Ok so i wasn't content with just the hippie tie-dye tee from the post below
Hell No!
I want to go the whole way and get my self some proper Woodstock style flower garland headbands
How awesome are these, right?
I have always wanted to make a headband from daises but by the time i finish it the daises have all wilted
So the next best thing is to fake it
These are all plastic so they are going to last you.
They are from a website called Fairy Goodies
I kind of think it might be a fancy dress website for all your fairy costume needs
But They have some ah-mazing false lashes on their site too as well as some cool body paint
These headbands are £4.99
Can you believe that, how good a price?
I think i might get myself a couple i can't wait to try one
I am a little in love with the lilac and pink one.
What do you think?
Will you being adorning your pretty little heads with these...?


Lulu said...

everyone had these on at leeds fest! i loved them but purposely didn't buy one just because everyone was in them! but they look lovely, twas the same price there..you might even find one on ebay? because some people might sell them after their festival fun :D xxx

Nicole Trundle said...

Very cutes, got to get myself one of these, my sister has been looking where to shop for them, for a while, and now we know :)

Thank you lovely girlies :)


Madison's Assortment said...

These were all over the festival season!
Loving a bit of hippie-chic :)
Thanks for the comment chick

Nav said...

They are soo cute, but i don't think i would be able to pull 'em off!



Wendy said...

I've been trying to find garland-esque headbands. And these are so reasonably priced!