Dear Mr Louboutin....

Image from Google- a shoe blog that i can't remember the name of please let me know if its your image and i will credit you!

I don't know if you'll remember me
(I am inserting my own answer here- that yes of course you do remember me, you do right?) 
wrote you a while back to tell you ,
well to tell you that really... i was a little bit in love with your shoes, especially your 'Lady Lynch Zeppa Strass' little beauties!
Well you will never guess what has happened Mr C, 
I have gone and turned my back on them and fallen in love with another pair
With what pair I hear you ask
( see i am doing that answering for you thing again, hope you don't mind?)
It's with your Banana pump pictured above
I mean seriously, are you kidding me with that freaking platform and fabulous colour,
Saying they are beautiful would be an understatement
Sir, they are exquisite,
and that's saying something coming from me
I don't bust out that kind of vocab for every shoe on here Mr C, 
oh hell no!
So anyway i should go and you know buy some lottery tickets to see if i can win the jackpot to buy these beauties...
It's been great writing to you again and well in the words of one legend (Dolly Parton -I heart you Lady)
to another (um...You)
"I will always love you" (and your shoes)

Keep making the pretty


Lulu said...

AGREEEEDDD!! these are seriously something, love that colour! i wanna be rich now :( xxx

Britty said...

soo agreed!!! =D

first time at your blog! loving it

StuddedLilly said...

gorgeous!!! the lavender shade is so so pretty!

Johanna said...

That color is to. die. for. Love!