If you don't want to do what it seems like every magazine is telling you and wear a cape or shearling jacket this year
Then I would suggest this winter coat alternative
Strangely practical which is very un-fashion like
-waterproof, pockets and warm
When was the last time you could use those three words to describe your last winter coat?
Barbour jackets are no longer just for farmers and rich kids
They have been embraced by Alexa Chung which can only mean world domination for Barbour
They are kinda pricey in my opinion but compared to the price of the shearling jackets i have seen these are probably on par
And also this is a major investment piece
I am more than a little in love with the above few
Although if i had to pick a favourite it would definitely be the last one
Will you be embracing the Barbour trend this winter....?

Image number 2-£199
Image number 3-£100
Image number 4-£100
Image number 5-£179
All Jackets from ASOS


Britty said...

love them and alexa can rock anything... so can you

Lara Maria said...

I want a barbour one ... but I just got a burberry ... so i have to save some

Guruizzm said...

Love it! Alexa always looks soo damn good!

Joy Chou said...

OOoo. I like all of the jackets, but I think the first one is my favorite, after the one Alexa is wearing of course. She could make a plastic pumpkin suit look like a million dollars though...

therawpower said...

alexa looks very sweet in the photo

Violetta E. said...

like this