You've Got A Face For A Smile You Know....



Cardigan -Handmade by my Mama, Dress- ASOS, Belt- ASOS, Earrings-Topshop, Sneaker- Nike, Heart ring- Me and Zena, Rosebud ring- Rock 'n' Rose, Bag- Free with this months Marie Claire Magazine

This dress was another bargain from the ASOS sale,
It has a black slip attached underneath it
Which i think is great as i got another dress similar to this one, kind of see-through and I've had to try and find a matching slip for underneath it,
Seriously, you should have saw the stares i was getting in Marks and Spencer when i was trying to find one, these old ladies were actually tutting i think they thought i was going to wear it as a dress!
You know the whole 'underwear as outerwear' thing

I sort of feel like Lily Allen circa the 'Smile' days with this outfit on
The whole trainers and the right side of tacky gold hoops
I got these Nike dunks so many years ago but i actually like them more as they get older
I really want a pair of high tops similar to these ones too
I love being able to throw a pair on and totally change the vibe of an outfit

This is the free PPQ bag i got with the September issue of UK Marie Claire magazine that i posted about below
I love it, it's really cute and i think the canvas feels a much better quality than other free bags I've got
I think i will be doing a little DIY with it soon though so it doesn't look so same-y as the rest
The new issue of MC is fab
Love Drew's interview!


Mumbles said...

I totally love what you're wearing,
that cardigan is so so pretty
and your dress is gorgeous

♥ Marley

Pop Champagne said...

the dotted dress looks great on you. and I've heard so many great things about ASOS!

Clara said...

omg! you're beautiful!

ANN said...

I love your sweater! It looks so cozy :)

A. said...

gorgeous photos, i love your makeup

Wardrobe Wars said...

wow we just came across your blog on bloglovin and you already have us heading to asos to check that dress out ! it's just so sweet ! great overall outfit .

hope you stop by some time , would love to hear your opinions and follow if you like !

xoxo Fifi and Niamh

The WardrobeWars Girls

minnja said...


LOVE minnja

APieceOfCrap said...

Adorable! you look so cute :)

Take a peek! our first blog.

best regards from Sweden

Rebecca said...

that dress is so great, I hate when sheer dresses dont include slip -_-

your really pretty! :)

Style of a Fashionista said...

When I saw your post the first thing I wanted to know was where you got that amazing cardi from your mum is very talented it is gorgeous xoxo

Lady Marmalade said...

so so so so lovely outfit and adorable pics!!!

B r i said...

i love it! your blog is so sweet too!
i wanna come to Scotland. Trade with me?

chloe said...

such an english outfit, i love it! and how great that your mum knits, i would have a huge wishlist for my mum if she would knit things for me, lol xxx

Zoé Hermsen said...

nice style! i like the dress and sneakers together!
nice blog btw!

check out mine if you want!