Supadupa Vintage...


So, some of you may remember that i wrote about Supadupa Vintage a little while ago on my blog.
Supadupa Vintage is an online store that sells beautiful shredded Tee's as well as a mix of other lovely goodies!
But the really exciting news is Supadupa vintage is about to launch their brand new website and in conjunction with that they are also launching their fab new sparkly collection too.
This is a higher end line which is all handmade and hand-dyed
and these two sweatshirts are from it
Both this sweatshirt and hoodie come in Black and Grey
Don't you love them?
I was genuinely really excited when i saw them
I always find it so difficult to find that perfect sweatshirt/hoodie that doesn't make you look like your about to hit the gym,you know?
But i think these one's are different because of the shredding
I think its really subtle but makes it that little but different
You should definitely go have a peek at Supadupa Vintage
They have some of the cutest Tee's and their new website promises to be immense!
Check out the store here
The black sweatshirt is £195
The Grey Hoodie is £180
Let me know what you think?


pumpkin said...

i really like these photos. casual but still stylish.
thanks for the comments on my blog by the way.
follow each oootha?

JadeRose said...

omg how have i not heard of this before? Those pieces are amazing, especially the shredded black and grey sweats. Amazing, amazing, amazing. THanks for sharing :)

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Those shorts are so CUUUTE!

Indie.Tea said...

I hadnt heard of the brand before. But the black shirt and the gray sweatshirt are both great.

Sarah J said...

Love! the trousers are a definite fave!

Phoebe said...

I always find hoodies too dressed down, any tips on how to dress them up a bit?

Anonymous said...

love the blanck sweater!