It was acceptable in the 80's....



Jumper- Hand knitted by my mama, Leggings-Uniqlo, Belt-ASOS, Converse, Bag-ASOS, Love heart ring- Me and Zena, Round ring- Rock 'n' Rose

Just a really casual chilled look today
I love just being able to throw on a nice big chunky jumper
This one is hand knitted by my mum, She did it years ago for me
I saw a really really old 80's pattern and i got her to tweak it to what i wanted it to look like.
You can check out my mums knitting shop here, where you can ask her to make you similar lovely things,hehe!
At my Sisters wedding, my sis gave all the bridesmaids presents and me being one of them, i got this beautiful ring from Rock 'n' Rose that she knew i really wanted and a fab Grace Kelly coffee table book that is just so pretty!
I haven't ever really featured my bag collection on the blog before, so i thought i would show you my new fave one, I got it for my birthday and i love the way it looks sort of vintage but still like a really classic satchel.
Please excuse my hair in these pictures
I had a bit of a hair disaster last week and got a head full of really blond highlights but they turned out really yellow so i then went and got a brown dye put back over them, I also got it cut shorter and a fringe but i couldn't be bothered doing it properly today so that's why it looks kinda crazy, it will look better next time, i promise!


lastminutedreams said...

lovee your rings and your jumper!!!

julia louise said...

wow! lovin' the rings :-) They're just awesome.

ANN said...

I love your jumper!

Chloe said...

love the jumper so cute.

rebecca said...

okay, i want your jumper, your heart ring, and your bag! would you believe i've never shopped at asos before? and personally, i think your hair looks great, i love it when it's not "perfect" like a barbie (:

Anonymous said...

wow,love your ring and gorgeous nail polish.

btw,wanna do exchange link/follow.feel your cute blog

Phoebe said...

I've been loving satchels recently & this is no exception.

Fashion-rocks said...

that nail colour is gorgeous.

nikol said...

this is real cute! I really love the rosebud ring :P

Mia Härter said...

Cool jumper and awsome rings!! Love them!!


I'd love you to join my giveaway:) Stop by and check it out;)

Fashion UK said...

This jumper is awesome, lucky you having a mum who can knit gorgeous stuff like this! It goes perfectly with the leggings :)

Ivania said...

omg! what a great sweater


Cute rings, and adore the casual outfit..looks soo soft and comfortable, i bet it is no ?