I am currently giving my bedroom a makeover and am in the midst of decorating it
This is my kind of online moodboard that i had made up of pictures that will inspire my new room
My colour scheme is candy colours- pinks, peaches,creams blues
Really light and with a really Strong vintage feel
All my furniture will be distressed off white/cream french-style
I have my wallpaper up and my carpet down
So I'm half way there really
I just have to get my furniture and accessories
I want it to be, pardon the cliched phrase but 'shabby chic'
I want it to be homely and filled with all the things i love
Sort of like organised chaos!
I want it to feel warm and homely all year round

I have just been reading an interview with Max and Lubov Azria in the September issue of Marie Claire
It's from the interiors section where the magazine shows you around someones home
There house looks beautiful
Really modern but so comfortable too and it really shows them off as people
I really loved what Lubov says when asked how she turned a Hollywood Mansion into a family home
Lubov answered-
"I don't think anybody could be nervous in this house; smiles Lubov.
"That's not who we are.  I think that the house is like a dog.  After a while, it shows the character of the people who occupy it". 

I love that, it's exactly what i want for my room
I want people to see who i am when they look at it and it to reflect me
I can't wait till' it's finished
when it's all done I will do a post showing you it all!

Are any of you doing room makeovers just now?
Let me know if you have any ideas for accessorising rooms too?


Francesca♥ said...

wow love all of these themes! such a girlie idea, hope yours looks fantastic when you're finished! ♥

Milly. said...

Hey lovely.
Thanks so so much for your long comment! Sorry it's taken so long - interning is mad & I've had no internet for 2 weeks [aghh!].
Latitude was great - definitely recommend it. Interning is so so fun / hard work, having a great time & learning lots. Feel I need to up it in the style stakes though...!

LOVE these photos & can't wait to see your finalised bedroom!

lots of love x

Becca. said...

i wanted to do a room makeover earlier, and make it looks like the 4th photo, i really want some floral wallpaper but my silly mother won't allow it!
lovely photos, very inspiring sweetie :)

come check out my blog sometime :)

Rachel said...

oh these rooms are gorgeous! i`m moving in a years time, so i`ll defs be using these for inspiration!

Style of a Fashionista said...

So pretty I love the chandlier in the 13th picture yes I counted some beautiful rooms xoxo

Devon said...

I wish my room looked like one of those! Very awesome blog x

ANN said...

I LOVE all these photos, so inspiring! Good luck with your room!

Teresa said...

Loving all the pastels and soft dreamy photos! Great room inspirations!


Pippa said...

LOVE these pictures!! I always have this sort of selection of pictures when i change my room around so good luck :) I'll be doing it soon at uni hopefully!! whats your favourite type of room?? xxx

Cellardoor Magazine said...

Those are some amazing inspiration images! We love a good snoop around people's homes.

Jade said...

I interned at Elle Decoration.... literally swooned over some of the images there! I love a little room inspiration. My bedroom is so pokey - after I moved back from Uni I got forced into my little brother's room. It's still got hi blue walls - not that you can see them through all the tear sheets from mags I've put up though!