I got me some Muubaa....





Leather Jacket from Muubaa, Tee- Zara, Shorts- Topshop, Converse, Scrabble ring and rosebud ring- Rock 'n' Rose, Heart ring - Me and Zena, Earrings- Topshop

The first time I saw Ferris Bueller's day off
Not only did i fall a little in love with a young Matthew Broderick (Pre- SJP)
But i also became the biggest fan of his girlfriend Sloane's leather jacket,
It was was something about the boxy - loose fitting style and more than anything the fringing
It was the perfect cross between the 80's and a Dolly Parton stage costume
I have never seen anything close to it until i came across this one from Muubaa
Even though it's black not white it is just perfect
I got a size larger than my normal one so it was bigger and less fitted
I am so glad as it is just the way i wanted it to look
The fringing is my favourite bit, i think it's fab how it's on the back too
If you have never visited the Muubaa online store before then you should really head on over as they have the best leather goodies i have seen in a really long time.
They don't only sell jackets but also trousers, waistcoats and to be honest with you anything you can think of that can be made with leather they sell it!
You will have seen Cheryl Cole (Tweedy?) pictured in every magazine wearing her Muubaa jacket lately too.
I was really impressed with the quality of the leather too it's like so super soft
I can't wait till i get it worn in more as well, i love when leather jackets start to look older and the leather ages a bit!
Honestly I kinda think that i will have this jacket stuck on me from now until next year, It goes with everything and it's just so comfortable, I love it!
I got these new Topshop shorts too
I wanted the flag ones since the were released earlier this year
But i decided to get the darker flag pattern as i thought it looked more vintage-y
I really love them, although they are pretty short!
Click here to visit the Muubaa site
Let me know what you think?

P.s For those of you who read my blog a lot you will have seen me posting about a beautiful jewellery website called Talullah Tu, well the fab people over there are having a competition on their Facebook page to win £250 of their products all you have to do is 'Like' them!
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JULIA said...

LOVE the jacket!

Claire said...

i was just thinking about the cheryl cole/tweedy issue. what do we call her? tweedy reminds me of her bar brawling, cornrows wearing, less stylish days...

also, lookbook is now open! just thought i'd let you know if you hadn't checked lately.


Flexii said...

I love the jacket & the pants :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS OUTFIT! so stylish! i would love to have the shorts and jacket!
cool blog!


Aubrey Mayne said...

sweet Scrabble ring... did you make it?


PersonalShop said...

I'm one of your new fan!
I love your style ( you'r a curvier women, like me), you have really nice curves, i love your hair colour , you have really nice eyes!! AND YOUR STYLEEEEEEEEE waw ( nice jacket!!)
Bisous Bisous

likeasmoothie said...

i love the shorts!!!!!

Lulu said...

this is just the best look ever!!! i love every little thing about it :) i want some shorts like that, but mave the union jack instead :) xxx

Wynne Prasetyo said...

if I say the pants are amazing, I would be downgrading them. gosh this is such an amazing outfit! you rock!

Dannie said...

wow, i adore the edginess going on here, sooo siiic :)
those shorts are to die for and i adore the way you paird them. chuck taylors are infinitely awesome!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Those shorts are seriously amazing, what a find!

istarblog said...

awesome short

finkalixius said...

such adorable shots

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous in this hun:)x

Lenine said...

L O V E the lipstick & shorts!

Anonymous said...

you look so cute! and i've got a lot of love for cons!

gem x

JadeRose said...

Sooo digging those americano shorts. EPIC!

elizabethandcatherine said...

you look AWESOME! Liz xo

sami said...

♥n your outfit. :) cool blog.