Fashion Girl- Gillian Zinser

Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser
Gillian Zinser

Gillian Zinser
Also known as Ivy from 90210
I really love Ivy's style on the show she was definitely my favourite character from last season
And it looks like the actress who play her is just as stylish in real life
I love the way she has got the whole boho meets surfer chick thing going on, but it looks really natural
And seriously she is rivalling Ashley Olsen with her awesome hair
Serious hair envy!
What do you guys think?
Are you a fan?
She is definitely Is This Real Life's new Fashion Girl


Sassi said...

i love her style <3 great fashion sensibility!

Mumbles said...

I didn't know who she was,
I've never seen 90210
but she looks gorgeous
and her style is amazing
love those outfits

♥ Marley

elizabethandcatherine said...

I never watched 90210, but she's amazing! WOW. Beautiful, and awesome sense of style. love love!
Liz xx

Not a Paper Cup said...

ahhh. I love her style. she is stunning!

Anonymous said...

her hair is so friggin immense!

ryder said...

finally that someone notices her
she is awesome
first as ivy
and then like a style "persona"
great style, unique look
so rad

Pop Champagne said...

ohhh 90210! that's why she looks familiar! She has quite a pretty face, and yes I love her style too!

A. said...

she has great style

carling said...

just love her!

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Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

her look is a bit too edgy for me, but i get that it's stylish.
xox alison

Wendy said...

I like how nonchalant her outfits are!

Carissa said...

yeaah!! her hair is definitely something. I'm jealouus!

Mike said...

no doubt,she´s my favorite character in the serie 90210,damn i love so much ivy surfer style,i love her wave hair and she´s so cute,relax and her accent when pronounce,make´s me in love for her.....xDD

marina_oneill_mu said...

she is so amazing! i honestly love her more and more! her style is so amazing :)
i was wondering if you could recommend some cheap shops where they would have the same style tops that she wears in the series?
that would be so appreciated!
thanks :)