Every Word Feels Like A Shooting Star...


Oh I just love when i find a new store that sells beautiful things
This time its Pixie Amor
Such a cute little online boutique
It sells a mix of clothing and accessories
All with a quirky twist
If you have been reading this blog you will know that I have been looking for the perfect two fingered ring
I always seem to miss the one's that Topshop and UO have in
So i was so excited to see that Pixie Amor sells some of the cutest ones i have seen and at the best price too
I think my favourites are the Dream, Lucky and Love ones
But i also saw these 5 finger ones two
I have to say i am more than a little in love with these I think they may restrict how much you can actually move your hand
But honestly as long as your fingers have these pretty rings on them then it doesn't really matter if you can't move them that much, does it?
I am always so happy when i find lovely little stores like this and even more so when the prices are just so reasonable too

They ship worldwide too!

Oh and on a completely different note
I am so excited about this Perseid meteor shower tonight
I don't know if you are able to see it all over the world
But seemingly you will be able to see it really well in the UK as we are meant to have really clear skies tonight
Seriously i am so excited
I have never seen a shooting star before in my life and the thought of there being a sky full of them is just so amazing!
So fingers crossed we all see some shooting stars tonight
Remember and make a wish!


bravegrrl said...


Alice's Wardrobe said...

I LOVE the star ring. It's AMAZING.

I'm also very excited about the meteor shower, it's going to be beautiful.

Eden said...

Love these rings!And love Gilian Zinser!Her style is amazing and she's a good actress:))
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Anonymous said...

wanna this ring much.!!

thank you for comment, feel free for follow and link.

saeconet said...

soooo cute!

From tokyo

Fashion By He said...

those rings are aweome,, great find

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