Dancing To The Beat Of Her Own Drum


(Bottom Image from Elizabeth and Catherine- Check out their blog, it's awesome, really inspiring!)

I can't remember the last time I saw such a naturally stylishy person
She looks so efforless yet still she manages to acheieve a really pulled together vibe from her outfit
I always find it so refreshing to see pictures like this
I am as big a fan of the whole 'style- like-a-cobrasnake-girl' as the next person
But I feel like lately that is the only kinds of pictures you see in streetstyle or editorial photography
But seeing someone who is making there own trends like this girl and following their own path
Is just so inspiring to me
Does anyone know who this is?
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


therawpower said...

Nice blog !! you must have put a lot of effort on your blog.
I really love the pictures, and I have followed your blog =)

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kirstyb said...

she does look absolutely fabulous xxxxx

Anni said...

Just stunning! She looks so pretty!!

popdisorder said...

wow, she is soo sweet!!
and your blog is awesome!

pumpkin said...

she is called kristine and was photographed for The Streethearts.
and as it says on their blog, she made those pants herself out of a scarf!

she looks like a polished olsen sister.

new bloggerrr.