The Clog Incidents....


I had managed to stay away from the whole clog trend nearly all season
I haven't even really mentioned them here on the blog
Don't get me wrong it isn't because I am not a fan
The opposite actually
It's just I still have the memories (and scars) of wearing clogs when i was little
You see, I got my first pair of clogs when i was about 7 or 8
I was so excited i loved them, they were suede and had little flowers embroidered all over them
I couldn't get enough of them
But then the more i started to wear them i noticed something strange happened
If i walked at anything other than a snails pace
'The clog incident' happens
That is the name i gave for when you are walking and then out of the blue as you start to gain speed your foot slips and before you know it your foot is half out the clog with your toes clinging onto the wooden sole for dear life!
This also always seems to happen when you are on a street full of people or alternatively crossing a road
And then there is also the classic
'Over on your ankle incident'
Which kinda does what the name says
These things in isolation are fine but then you realise that it is near impossible for you to go a day wearing your clogs without one of the above taking place.
So after that summer of wearing my new clogs and having mighty sore feet, my love for them sort of wore off pretty quickly
But fast forward about 4 years later
and the mind does funny things right?
Because I saw the most beautiful pair of clogs and for some reason i forgot all about the pain they had put me through a few years earlier and i just saw the prettiest shiny pink clogs (remember i was only like 12)
Although it didn't take long for my memory to come back as soon as i started to wear them and
the blisters, cuts and bruised feet appeared soon enough!
So that is why when i have saw shelves upon shelves of beautiful clogs this summer
I had to remind myself of the 'incidents'
That was relatively easy until i saw these
I love then
I think it is the combination of the thick heel with the sherling fur
It's like you know that shouldn't work together but it somehow does
I have been trying to convince myself that because this clog has a higher heel than the ones i wore
That the incidents won't occur
Even though we all know they will except this time from a higher height meaning even worse swollen ankles
Why, i wonder all of that doesn't put me off?
Although the price of £78 should keep me away from them for a little while longer
But i have to be honest if any clog is going to tempt me i am sure it will be this one
Better get my blister plasters at the ready!
What do you think, are you a fan of the clog trend?
Clogs from Office £78


Hannah said...

These Office clogs with the fur are lovely. I have great difficulty walking in them too. I'm always terrified my foot is going to slip out of the backless ones which are everywhere right now.


Damsels said...

while i think these are pretty . i have to say ive always hated the clog .. by the end of the 90s they were pretty much dubbed the most hideous shoe ever . so i have qualms about even considering them as shoe wear.

i have seen the clogs every blogger has worn trust me they are nice but for my taste there is two types of clogs.. the hideous and the less ugly .

i have however bought a pair of clog booties.. i like the idea of the wood .. so thats why i am dipping my foot into the clog trend .. no furthur than that

therawpower said...

This is the most beautiful clog I have ever seen…if u ask me, I think they are even prettier than miu miu and Chanel’s
I have tried a couple of different clogs, but I guess they aint really my style. I have followed ur blog =)

you can also follow me on twitter
and blog lovin


Stela ALVES said...

Lovely Blog.
i like it.

My Republic of Fashion said...

This is a great story! Love those clogs.:)SarahD

kirstyb said...

thats hilarious - happens to me all the time xxxx

Papillon Vintage said...

So perfect! I need them. :)