Always Wear Sunscreen....

It's funny sometimes how you just forget about songs
Until you randomly hear them again and then you wonder how you could have ever forgotten about a song that you loved so much?
Well that happened to me today
I was reminded of this song
It instantly transported me back to the summer it was released and how it became my 'Holiday Song'
I've put it up here today because it's nice sometimes to just take a minute and listen to some wise words
Which i think these are!
There is something about this speech in the song that i just think is so special.
I was reading about how it was originally printed in a newspaper by a journalist.
She was writing about how everyone has the ability when they are older and have left school to write the perfect graduation speech with all the advice your younger self would ever need to know and this was hers.
If you could write a speech to give to your graduation high school class now
What would it say and what advice would you give yourself?
I would love to know!
(if they are really great i will put them in a post!)


ceo said...

Love this......


Becca. said...

ahaaa, love this video!


Tenny said...

this is really perfection. i love that you posted this

electric feel said...

lovely blog!