What's About Town?.....

 Gold Love Ring £12.95

 Cameo Necklace £11.95

                                                                 Red String  Hamsa Bracelet £12.95

What's About Town is one of my favourite jewellery websites
It has sooo many pretty things at such reasonable prices
I remember the first time i went on the site i couldn't believe the prices
so much cheaper than i thought it would be but the pieces still looks great!
I have never purchased anything off of the site before
But i have been planning to for a while
These are my favourite things from the site
I have been looking for a Hamsa bracelet for ages
And the one i wanted i can only seem to find it on sites that don't ship to the UK
But then i seen this one and i really love it
And i have been looking for a ring like this one for a while too
And the necklace would be perfect with all my summer dresses
I can't decide what to order
What one would you choose and are you a fan of What's About Town too?
Check out the site here
And follow them on Twitter here



Oh La La! The gold "love" ring! I likey.

Claire said...

i'm quite obsessed with the hamsa design - i bought a braided hamsa bracelet in the UO sale and all.


elizabethandcatherine said...

OoOhh checking out this website as we speak! thankyou for sharing. its great to have some bloggers out there that are also on a budget! love these pieces! Liz xx

Kendr▲ said...

Great post, you have an awesome blog!
Had to go back several posts even.
Will be back again..
Hope you can check out mine
and maybe follow if you like it :)