Rude Boi

Blogger has went a little crazy and won't let me post any pictures?
So it has to be a non-fashion post today
I thought i would post this video
I have watched/listened to it far too many times
I love this version, really amazing!
It's crazy how talented they are, Their voices all sound so great together!
And i now think i am incapable of singing each song on their own
 i now sing along to the radio and end up singing this 'mash-up' instead
I feel  like i am in Glee even using that word
Let me know what you think
And have a fabulous weekend!


jess said...

Very good indeed!
Love your blog - I think I'm going to adopt WWMKAAD! Love it.

elizabethandcatherine said...

Hey! I have been looking over your blog and only just saw the part about the interviews you have done. WOW, that is AWESOME. Did you actually meet and sit with these people? I'd love to meet Lauren Conrad, I am shamefully addicted to The Hills, she should never have left! I also LOVE her personal style. What was she like in person? How did you get to interview these people? So many questions haha.
Love love love, Liz xx
P.S if you keep posting links to awesome online fashion/jewellery stores, I might spend too much money. ;)

nikol said...

Omg this is amazing! A total favorite!!

Erica said...

I'll pretend I'm a judge on Idol for this one...The guy had the best voice though no personality. The girl on the right is very very theatrical and has a strong voice though she needs to know when to belt out and when to hold back a little. And the girl on the, yes or no? Simon? Oh you quit Idol.